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Samsung J770 - ice cold

Samsung J made me say this, but not in the negative meaning. But it would be foolishness to judge it based on the first impression, and this is indeed true in the case of J What can you get for this?

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The feeling of quality. We might have a completely average phone, but the metallic case improves it a lot. J is just like this.

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If we consider its features, there are better choices. The navigation keys below the screen are made up of two function keys on the sides and a five-way d-pad. In the case of the d-pad the horizontal directions and the middle key turn into playback control keys when listening to music. The only problem with this control is that the middle button takes the user to the WAP from the standby screen, it would be really high time to forget this idiotic feature.

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My other problem has been that the upper edge of the navigation button is lifted and forms a kind of rim, probably someone has thought that it would be comfortable when sliding the phone open, although no one, but really no one would ever put his or her finger here.

The labels, being placed on a single panel, are separated by a grid.

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These labels are large enough and the white backlight also helps readability. The camera also appears as we slide the phone open, there is a mirror besides the 2 megapixel module, but there is no flash. So we again have to experience the wonder of the center key taking us to wap from the standby screen. There are three themes on the phone, a simple white this is the best from the point of visibilitya white on blue and a yellow on mauve combo.

The phonebook has the usual scheme, it displays SIM and internal contacts on the same list, this latter one can store entries.


Searching is fast, contacts can have quite a lot of extra information assigned to them multiple numbers, email address, note, image and ringtone. Messaging will be no surprise either, we can store SMS messages and we can have MMS messages and emails until there is free internal memory. We can store five types of entries: meeting, anniversary, holiday, important and zsírégető széklet. The alarm clock is the usual, it can store five alarms, it has snooze and works when the phone is turned off.

No surprises from the stopwatch, the calculator or the world clock with map either. There are quite a lot of games on the phone, but besides the first four Cannonball, Forgotten Warrior, Freekick, Arch Angel the others are demos, so we can pay up if we need the full versions.

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Besides this we have the well-known landscape menu if we want to take some pictures and the usual features of this category effects, frames, size, etc. Test pictures below. The musical part is fine.

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The phone displays three kinds of multi slim effect secundare during playback, and thanks to the three color schemes we have nine types in total. When activating the musical function we first get the sorted track list by ID3 tagsand from here we go on to playback. Those who hate such a headset can choose a different one, as after taking it apart we have a standard 3.

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The handset is also used for starting the RDS-capable FM radio, which is also a fine piece of software. The phone has music recognition as well.

This can use track segments from two sources: from the sound recorder, or the radio. The sample is then uploaded to the internet and the result displayed on the phone. Data transfer, battery The phone has no 3G support, which is one of its greatest flaws.

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This way J is not yet competitive. Okay, here are the great musical features, but the poorly assembled slider makes things much worse, even more if Samsung is the manufacturer. It should cost about euros less to be competitive. The handset can be purchased online multi slim effect secundare www.

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